Department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials, Kyushu University

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List of Laboratories

Electric process engineering course
Ionized Gas Dynamics
Uchino-Yamagata laboratory
Uchino-Yamagata Lab.
ionization, ion, plasma, occurrence, control, laser measurement, electromagnetic field, electron temperature, electron density, particle measurement, plasma processing, plasma display, extremely-short ultraviolet rays, degradation of environmental pollutants
Applied Electromagnetics
Yoshitake laboratory
Yoshitake Lab
thin-film deposition, physical vapor deposition (PVD), coaxial arc plasma deposition, sputtering deposition, pulsed laser deposition, photovoltaic materials, photovoltaics fabrication, nanodiamond, iron silicides, hard coating, spintronics devices
Hamamoto-Teii laboratory
Hamamoto-Teii Lab.
optical device, optical integrated circuit, semiconductor laser, optical memory, SLED, optical sensing, optical energy transmission, optical router, plasma, nanostructure, next-generation semiconductor, power device, electron emitter
Optical functional material engineering course
Crystal Physics and

Nishida-Itakura laboratory
Nishida-Itakura Lab.
Advanced transmission/scanning electron microscopy, crystal orientation analysis, electron diffraction, 3D tomography, shape memory alloy, permanent magnet, magnetic material, semiconductor thin film, heat resistant alloy, intermetallic compounds
Inorganic Optoelectronic
Materials Engineering

Ohtaki laboratory
Ohtaki Lab.
thermoelectric materials, oxide thermoelectric devices, oxide semiconductors, energy conversion materials, photocatalysts, electronically conducting ceramics, thermal conductivity, nanostructure control, low-dimensional nanomaterials, self-assembly, integrated quantum structures, molecular assembly, organic-inorganic composites, functional inorganic materials
Structural Ceramics
Materials Engineering

Jang laboratory
【Jang Lab.】
  • 張 国立大学法人 九州大学大学院 総合理工学府 量子プロセス理工学専攻Professor Jang
high temperature structural ceramics, nano composites, microstructure control, thermal barrier coatings, environmental barrier coatings, carbon nanotubes, graphene,
ZrO2, SiC, SiC / SiC, bio-apatite, sintering, EB-PVD, plasma spray coatings, thermal properties, mechanical properties, wear resistance, high temperature corrosion
Quantum physicality course
Nonlinear Physics
Honjo-Sakaguchi laboratory
Honjo-Sakaguchi Lab.
fractal, pattern formation, nonequilibrium open system, nonlinear dynamics, dendrite growth, diffusion-limited aggregation, drawing effect of oscillator, space-time chaos, powder physics, breakdown phenomenon
Quantum Materials Physics
Yoshitake laboratory
Hata Lab.
electron tomography (ET), automated crystal orientation mapping (ACOM) by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS),
Molecular process engineering course
Functional Molecule

Kikuchi-Okumura laboratory
Kikuchi-Okumura Lab.
organic nanostructural material, molecular self-organization, liquid crystal device material, super molecular liquid crystal, high-speed electro-optic device, next-generation display element, electrochemical molecular switch, biological simulant material, low environmental load device material, emergent self organization, soft matter science
Material electrochemistry
Okada laboratory
Okada Lab.
electrochemistry, lithium-ion battery, intercalation, nonprotonic organic solvent electrolyte solution, inorganic compound positive pole, carbon negative pole, heat stability, metal-air battery, high-energy density
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Hayashi-Norinaga laboratory
Hayashi-Kudo Lab.
sequential conversion of carbon resource, coproduction, hydrogen, thermal decomposition, gasification, detailed chemical reaction modeling and simulation, chemical vapor deposition/infiltration, CC composite, hydrothermal catalytic reaction
Molecular material science course
Organic Materials Chemistry
Fujita laboratory
Fujita Lab.
organic ultrathin film, high molecular thin film, self-organization single-molecular film, emitting material, conductive material, photoelectric conversion material, electroluminescence, emitting display, organic transistor
Advanced Device Materials
Yoon-Miyawaki laboratory
Yoon-Miyawaki Lab.
synthesis and application of CNF and fullerene, nano‐hybrid materials, petroleum desulfurization/denitrogenation, DeSOx, DeNOx, high-performance battery and capacitor materials, low-temperature fuel cell, adsorption heat pump, high utilizations of coal (gasification and coke), carbon fiber and activated carbon
Functional physical evaluation course (link course)
Material Characterization

Ohashi-Sakaguchi_Hara laboratory
Ohashi Lab.
Takada Lab.
Sakaguchi Lab.
Harai Lab.
oxide single crystal, ceramics, defects, interface, ultraviolet emission, optical wavelength conversion, optical modulation, photorefractive effect, optical hologram memory
The classes (mainly in the first year) are taken in the Kyushu University and the research (mainly from the second year) is conducted in the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba City.
Global Innovation Center
Advanced Functional Devices
Nakashima laboratory
Nakashima Lab.
MOSFET, LSI, film formation and fabrication process, low-temperature formation of insulating films and crystal thin films, Si, SiGe, Ge, SOI, SGOI, GOI, junction transient capacitance/current method S, photoluminescence method
Advanced Functional Materials
Fujinoo laboratory
Fujino Lab.
Functional glass, Mesoporous silica,Organic/inorganic nanocomposite, Transparent Conductive Oxide,Fluorescence,Nano-imprint, Structure of glass, Physical properties of melts, Fabrication process, Fine machining process
Photonic System
Hattori laboratory
Hattori Lab.
organic EL, organic TFT, analog circuit design, LSI design, electronic paper, organic EL display, flexible display, touch panel, drive technology